brintons_logoThere are Five solid reasons to why you should choose Brintons luxury carpet:


“looks good, feels even better”

The weaving process offers unrivaled strength and stability, while the wool-rich blend gives unbeatable luxury.

“color and pattern”

We offer a huge selection of plain or berber colours in a choice of twist or velvet carpets. Many of our patterned carpets co-ordinate with our plains, which are designed to enhance modern living whatever style you choose for your home.


Nothing welcomes you home like a beautiful wool-rich carpet, which has natural insulating powers.


Wool is one of the most organic and renewable materials we have: every spring the sheep are sheared, then they roam the hills and fields growing a new coat for next year.


An independent study proved conclusively that the indoor air in a carpeted room was of much better quality than that in rooms with smooth floors.

Brintons have a wide variety of new and current designs which keep your homes up to date and trendy.