Dunlop Flooring

Untitled-5Choosing a Dunlop foam carpet underlay will help extend the life of your carpet. The underlay actually absorbs impact, which makes your carpet more comfortable and helps keep it looking new. When choosing carpet, the last thing on anyone’s mind is what should go underneath it however this is one of the most important decisions you can make. New carpet is a significant investment so it’s vital you choose a quality carpet underlay to support it and deliver the comfort you want.

A Dunlop underlay also helps reduce our impact on the environment because it’s 100% recyclable and Green Label accredited. In addition, it protects against allergies and asthma attacks thanks to the addition of Ultra-Fresh, an antimicrobial that reduces mould, mildew, and bacteria. Furthermore, a Dunlop underlay can save you money by reducing heating bills thanks to its outstanding thermal insulation properties. It reduces noise transfer too and improves acoustics between floors, which makes choosing Dunlop a sound investment. Also because a Dunlop underlay is Australian made, you can be confident you’ve chosen a quality product. In fact, Dunlop guarantees it for the life of your carpet.